Add your email to your favorite email app


This guide will walk you through the steps of adding your brand new email account to your favorite email app. 

What you need before continuing this how-to guide:

  1. A setup email address (email and password)
  2. The email server information emailed to you with your Email Admin Panel credentials


  1. General Information
    1. Mail Server Information
    2. Webmail Access
    3. Email Account Settings
  2. iPhone Setup / Mobile Devices
  3. Apple Mail Setup
  4. Windows Mail Setup
  5. Personal Gmail Setup

General Information

Mail Server Information

Username: Your full email address (ie.

Password: This is the password assigned to the email from above

Incoming Server: 

Incoming Server Port: 993 (IMAP) - (pop3 is supported, but not recommended in most cases)

Outgoing Server:

Outgoing Server Port: 465 (Secure Connection (TLS/SSL) Required)

Other Config Options:

  • Outgoing Server Requires Authentication
  • Username and Password for outgoing mail
  • Require SSL for incoming
  • Require SSL for outgoing

Webmail Access

The webmail client is a lightweight email client, we recommend using your favorite email client such as Apple Mail, Outlook, Gmail, or Microsoft Mail


Use your full email address and your email password to log in.

Email Account Settings

To change user specific settings such as your email password, autoresponder, and the email/spam filter settings, navigate to and log in with your email credentials

- or - 

Use the webmail client

iPhone Setup / Mobile Devices

This guide follows the setup on an iPhone, however most mobile devices will have a similar process.

  1. Navigate to your settings --> Scroll down to "Passwords & Accounts" (using iOS 12.1)
  2. Select Other (or Advanced Setup) --> Add Mail Account
  3. Enter your account information
    1. Name should be your name, people you email will see this.
    2. Your Email Address and Password
    3. Description
      1. This is just so you can identify the account within the mail app
  4. You will now be presented with a more detailed settings page
    1. IMAP / POP
      • We Recommend IMAP in most cases
    2. Name
      1. This should be your full name, people you email will see this name.
    3. Email
      1. This is your email address for the account which you are setting up
    4. Description
      • Again, so you can identify your account within the mail app
    5. Incoming Mail Server
      • Host Name:
      • User Name: Your email address
      • Password: your email password
    6. Outgoing Mail Server
      • Host Name:
      • Username/Password: Same as above, this is your email address and email password.
  5. Upon hitting next, your phone will attempt to connect and verify your mail settings. This can take up to 2 minutes, so be patient! If it fails, make sure you entered the correct server information, and that your email and password are correct.
  6. Success! You can now find your emails within your mail app!

Apple Mail Setup

Refer to the iPhone setup - it's almost exactly the same! If you need further support please contact us!

Windows Mail Setup

  1. Open the Microsoft Mail App
  2. Navigate to the settings panel by clicking the small cog at the bottom left of the window
  3. Select Manage Accounts --> Add Account
  4. Scroll Down and Select Advanced Setup --> Select Internet email
  5. Fill out the mail server settings
    1. Email Address: this is the email you're currently trying to setup
    2. Username: Your email address again
    3. Password: This is your email password
    4. Account Name: This is how you will differentiate between your email accounts, call this whatever you'd like for your personal use
    5. Send Messages Using this name: This is the name people will see when you email them. We recommend using your full name.
    6. Incoming Email Server:
    7. Account Type: IMAP4 (We recommend IMAP4, but POP3 will work as well)
    8. Outgoing (SMTP) Email Server:
    9. Check Boxes
      1. Outgoing Server Requires Authentication
      2. User same user name and password for sending email
      3. Require SSL for incoming email
      4. Require SSL for outgoing email
  6. Click Sign in
    1. your settings will now be verified. This can take up to 3 minutes so be patient! If you get an error at this step, double check your email address and password combo, and ensure that the incoming and outgoing servers are correct.
  7. Success! Happy emailing!

Personal Gmail Webmail

This guide will walk you through the steps of adding your brand new email to your personal Gmail account. 

Note: This might not be the best solution for instant and uninterrupted email service. For best results, we recommend using our email servers directly, not indirectly via Gmail.

PrerequisitesFor this guide, we assume 1. you already have a Gmail account setup. 2. You've already created the email account which you'd like to connect to google.

  1. Navigate to Gmail (
  2. Click the settings cog on the right hand side of your screen --> Click Settings
  3. Once in settings, navigate to the "Account's and Import" section from the top menu bar.
  4. First, we're going to start importing your mail. 
    1. Find the "Check mail from other accounts:" section and click Add a mail account
    2. You will be presented with a popup window. Fill out your new email address
    3. The next screen will ask you about "Gmailify", just select "Import emails from my other account (POP3)" and click next.
    4. This screen will ask for mail server settings
      1. Username: This is your full email (new) email address
      2. Password:  The password you created for your new email
      3. POP Server: The incoming/outgoing mail servers should have been emailed to you with your order confirmation, generally it's
        1. Change the port at 995 if you are using SSL
      4. The check boxes below are entirely up to you, we recommend leaving a copy of retrieved messages on the server, and highly recommend using a SSL connection when retrieving mail (this requires port 995).
      5. Click Add Account
    5. Assuming all of your credentials were correct, you will now see a success page. To proceed, select Yes, I want to be able to send mail as.. and hit Next
  5. Now you're adding your new domain email as a senders address. 
    1.  Enter Info about your other email address:
      1. Name: ensure this is correct, this will be shown to users you email.
      2. Email Address: Make sure this is your new email, if not, hit cancel - you seem to have taken a wrong turn. Try again in the Account's and Import settings tab.
      3. Treat as an alias: Uncheck this!  - otherwise you'll be sending emails via your gmail account.
    2. This next page is where we'll specify all the outgoing mail server credentials.
      1. SMTP Server: Mail1.Fagersten.Tech (or whatever was sent to you in your confirmation email)
      2. Port: 465
      3. Username: Your full email address
      4. Password: Your email account's password
      5. Use TLS Secured connection
      6. Click Add Account
    3. Email Verification
      1. Now you need to verify your email address with Gmail. Find the verification email by going to our Webmail client 
      2. Once you verify the email, you've successfully setup your account!
    4. Last thing you might want to do is make your new email the default email on Gmail
      1. navigate to Accounts and Import in the settings page
      2. Find "Send mail as" and click make default next to your new email.
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